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Lamar Odom Reportedly Getting Better — Responded When Khloé Kardashian Said 'I Love You' 10/16/2015 9:35 PM ET | Filed under: Khloe Kardashian • Health • Lamar Odom A source says Lamar is off dialysis. It looks like Lamar Odom could be on the mend after being found unconscious on Tuesday at a legal Nevada brothel. Related: Lamar Was Reportedly Never Without Oxygen On Friday, it was reported that the 35-year-old opened his eyes and spoke to ex Khloé Kardashian. And now, one source says his condition is even improving, revealing: "The CAT scan came back clean, and they're slowing taking him off each machine. He's off dialysis and that looks good. We're hopeful." The insider also mentioned that the NBA forward continues to respond to his estranged wife. They say he reacted after the 31-year-old supposedly said "I love you," adding: "He nodded, and that was the first response we got from him. That was so encouraging." The reality star first rushed to the father's side on Tuesday, and has reportedly remained at Las Vegas' Sunrise Hospital ever since. The source says these developments have given the basketball star's loved ones a new outlook on the scary situation, admitting: "This is the most positive stuff we've had since it happened. We've been on pins and needles. We've got a little bit of hope now. If this report is true, it means the ailing athlete has come a long way, after suffering from supposed organ failure and multiple strokes. We hope Lamar continues to show signs of improvement, and our thoughts are with him during this difficult time. [Image via WENN.] Tags: conscious, health, khloe kardashian, lamar odom, nba, organ failure, responsive, stroke, sunrise hospital, unconscious Email this » This Week In Celebrity Twitpics & Instagrams! Best Dressed Celebs Of The Week! This Week In Celebrity Twitpics & Instagrams! Celebrities First Ever Instagram Shots! The Top Ten Craziest Lawsuits Filed Against Celebs! Worst Dressed Celebs Of The Week! View Pics » « Previous story Jimmy Kimmel Joins Facebook & His First Post Is AW-Dorable! Check It Out! Next story » Vanessa Lachey Reveals Her Daughter Brooklyn's First Word! Lamar Odom Reportedly Getting Better -- Responded When Khloé Kardashian Said 'I Love You'

Wednesday, 24 June 2015

Syria: ISIS destroys ancient Muslim shrines in Palmyra

Syria: ISIS destroys ancient Muslim shrines in Palmyra

ISIS fighters have destroyed two ancient Muslim shrines in the oasis city of Palmyra, the Syrian government confirmed Wednesday, the latest act of cultural vandalism by the Sunni extremists.

ISIS seized control of Palmyra, a UNESCO World Heritage Site dating back 2,000 years, last month, prompting fears for the site's survival.
An email sent on behalf of Syria's antiquities chief, Maamoun Abdulkarim, head of the Directorate-General of Antiquities and Museums, said the body had heard four days ago from people in Palmyra of the shrines' destruction.
"ISIS has blown up two ancient Muslim shrines in Palmyra, and has published photos of this awful crime against the Syrian cultural heritage on Facebook," the statement said.

One of the tombs destroyed is that of Mohammed bin Ali, a descendent of Ali bin Abi Taleb, the Prophet Mohammed's cousin, the DGAM said. It's located in a hilly area 4 kilometers (2.5 miles) north of Palmyra.
"ISIS militants also blew up the shrine of Shagaf, known as Abu Behaeddine, a religious figure from Palmyra, dated to 500 years ago. The shrine is located in the oasis 500 meters away from the Ancient City's Arch of Triumph," the statement said.
Images posted on the DGAM website show dust and debris flying into the air as the shrines are destroyed.

Group: ISIS planted mines, bombs in city

ISIS' capture of Palmyra was followed by the summary executions of scores of captive fighters and residents, according to the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a London-based monitoring group.
The group also reported Tuesday that ISIS had destroyed a shrine in the Palmyra area, but it wasn't clear if it was one of those named by the government. ISIS blew it up on the pretext of "removing the landmarks of polytheism," the monitoring group said.

On Sunday, the observatory reported that ISIS fighters had planted homemade bombs and mines around the city.
But it said it wasn't clear whether the explosives were laid with the intention of destroying its priceless antiquities or preventing government forces from advancing on Palmyra.
There have been bloody clashes in recent days on the road between the city of Homs and Palmyra between ISIS and government forces backed by loyal militias, according to the group.

'Extraordinary fusion'

Palmyra, also known as the "bride of the desert," is an exquisite collection of ruins in the desert northeast of Damascus that was once a monumental city sitting on an important trade route linking Persia, India and China with the Roman Empire. 
Its history as an important caravan city at the crossroads of ancient civilizations is reflected in the eclectic mix of architectural styles found among its colonnades and temples.
British historian and novelist Tom Holland describes the site as "an extraordinary fusion of classical and Iranian influences intermixed with various Arab influence as well."
Destruction of Palmyra wouldn't just be a tragedy for Syria, it would be a loss for the entire world, he told CNN last month.
"This isn't just about Middle Eastern history -- these are the wellsprings of the entire global culture. Mesopotamia, Iraq, Syria, this is the wellspring of global civilization. It really couldn't be higher stakes in terms of conservation."

Monday, 22 June 2015

We Will Build Houses For Teachers— M7

We Will Build Houses For Teachers— M7


The President pronounced the commitment during celebrations marking the Golden Jubilee of the school that were held today at the institution’s premises in Kololo, Kampala.

The celebrations were held under the theme: Determined to Excel.
The school provides Ordinary and Advanced levels education to 1,247 students who are taught by 65 teachers.

He congratulated the pioneer parents and students of City High School for attaining 50 years since the establishment of the institution.

“At the time of independence, we had a few A-level schools, namely Buddo, Kisubi, Ntare and Gayaza. In 1965, a number of Junior Schools were converted into Secondary Schools,” he told the congregation present for the celebrations.

Mr. Museveni further pledged support to the school in other areas that were identified as challenging such as the construction of a library and laboratory.

He said that the Government would ensure that the school’s asbestos roofs are replaced so that City High School benefits from the Government policy of big structures.

President Museveni also laid a foundation stone for the construction of school’s new library and ICT complex and pledged a donation of Shs.80 million to facilitate the construction of the new block.

He said that the school land would be protected from land grabbers.
The Chairman of the School’s Board of Governors, Rev. Joab Mbukuure, revealed that land grabbing has hampered the school’s operations. He thanked the committed teachers for their hard work.



Students Squeeze 195 Million Out Of Makerere University Administrators

Students Squeeze 195 Million Out Of Makerere University Administrators

Makerere University students have forced University administrators to release their internship allowances amounting to more than Shs195million. 

This came after a bloody strike on Friday last week, where irate students went on strike express anger as result of the University’s failure to release internship allowances on time.

To end the strike, University management agreed to release money for students who hadn’t received internship allowance by end of today (Monday).

“The office of the University bursar is working overtime to ensure that by closer of business on Monday every student is cleared in regards to internship allowances as i still encourage all those who have not yet received internship allowances to keep on sending in their details(students name, students no, registration no, account no, bank and college) to my email address or contact 0773806106 or pass by the guild offices and submit them,” H.E Bala David, Guild President informed students after the strike.

Subsequently, guild Information Minister Hon. Davidson Ndyabahika aka Rutagatsa Rwa N’yamukaikuru availed himself throughout the weekend and today (Monday) to take details of students who haven’t received money.

“My office was opened at the weekend Saturday, Sunday and even up to now to cater for students who had not got their internship allowances. We have received lists of different batches the university has released the money. We help students go through them and check. In case they don’t find their names and details, we allow them register and we take the details to the accounts office for emergencies,” Hon Davidson told Red Pepper

He added; “In case some do not get their money, we shall not relent. The struggle continues. We ask the administration to respect students and their leaders. Imagine we asked them way back before we did our exams and it’s the same thing we are handling now.”

Each student doing internship is entitled to Shs378,000
So far, as result of the strike, the University administration has released three batches
Batch 3 which has had 266 students and that is 99,858,000 shillings.
Batch 4 which has 214 students and that is 81,336,000 shillings.
Batch 5 which has 202 students and that is 14,364,000 shillings


Human traffickers now using social media platforms-Police

Human traffickers now using social media platforms-Police

The police and other security agencies are facing a challenge of controlling social media, with many platforms used to traffic in persons. The problem is worsened by the presence of many companies operating online.

Police has therefore warned of an increase in Child and human trafficking through social media platforms noting that trafficking rackets have resorted to using the internet, where naive youths are easily convinced into taking up nonexistent job opportunities especially in the Middle East.

Moses Binoga the Coordinator of the Anti-human trafficking task force at the Ministry of Internal Affairs says past government's efforts to curb the vice by banning the exportation of housemaids to the Middle East has led to the offenders coming up with innovative ways of smuggling people out of the country.

Only 30 companies are licensed by the Ministry of Gender, Labor and Social Development to export labor especially to the Middle East. More people are however leaving the country in the guise of visiting friends and relatives in neighboring Kenya from where they get visas to the Middle East.

Uganda is a source and destination country for men, women, and children trafficked for the purposes of forced labor and sexual exploitation.

According to Police records, Ugandan children are trafficked within the country, as well as to Canada, Egypt, the United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia for forced labor and commercial sexual exploitation. On Tuesday, the Public Accounts Committee of Parliament ordered government to immediately cease inter-country adoption of Uganda's children.

Tullow agrees to $250 million tax bill in Uganda

Tullow agrees to $250 million tax bill in Uganda





Anglo-Irish company Tullow Oil said Monday it had settled a long-running tax dispute in Uganda by agreeing to the payment of a $250 million (219.6 million euro) bill.
In July 2014, a Ugandan court ordered Tullow to pay $407 million in taxes related to the sale of local assets two years earlier, but the company then sought arbitration to reduce the cost.
"Tullow has agreed to pay $250 million in full and final settlement of its CGT (Capital Gains Tax) liability," a company statement read.
"This sum comprises $142 million that Tullow paid in 2012, and $108 million to be paid in three equal instalments of $36 million. The first of these was paid upon settlement and the remainder will
be paid in 2016 and 2017."

Uganda discovered exploitable deposits of oil along its volatile western border with Democratic Republic of Congo in 2006, and officials now estimate reserves at up to 3.5 billion barrels.
"The settlement of this long-running dispute is good news for Tullow and Uganda," company chief executive Aidan Heavey said in a statement.
"In recent months, the Government of Uganda has proposed welcome and necessary changes to its tax regime for oil and gas investment which it is hoped will enable substantive progress to be made towards the sanction of the Lake Albert oil development."
The payments are related to a capital gains tax on the $2.9 billion sale of three of Tullow's exploration blocks in Uganda to France's Total and the China National Offshore Oil Corporation (CNOOC).


Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Nepal Quake

More than 1,300 confirmed dead in the major earthquake in Nepal


A powerful earthquake measured 7.9 in magnitude striked Nepal Saturday around noon local time killing more than 1,300 people, touching off a lethal snowslide on Mount Everest which caused the climbers and the local villagers to stay in fear and discomfort. It also collapsed a 19th-century tower in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu.

The great number of deaths were in Nepal, the death toll is expected to rise,”said the Nepalese officials,”however more deaths were also reported in Tibet, northern India, and Bangladesh. AP reported, “Some two Chinese citizens where killed near the Nepalese border and many others where reported missing on the world’s highest mountain ( Mt Everest ).”

This earthquake was more disastrous because of its depth, collapsing buildings, making cracks in the roads and making people to quickly run from their damaged homes. Thousands are getting prepared to sleep outside and others setting up tents to spend the night in.
This has been Nepal’s worst quake in 81 years. Nepalese government declares state of emergency, the first priority is the rescue operations. The Nepalese government requested for foreign support, however, India responded first by sending military aircraft including relief team and medical equipments.

Oxfam International released a statement saying “Thousands are gathered in open spaces and very scared.” A team of Oxfam in Nepal are evaluating humanitarian need following the disastrous earthquake. The UK technical experts are also getting ready to fly to Nepal with Emmergency food supplies, to provide clean water and sanitation .
Well-wishers can donate to Oxfam’s response online at help oxfam to save lives.