Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Nepal Quake

More than 1,300 confirmed dead in the major earthquake in Nepal


A powerful earthquake measured 7.9 in magnitude striked Nepal Saturday around noon local time killing more than 1,300 people, touching off a lethal snowslide on Mount Everest which caused the climbers and the local villagers to stay in fear and discomfort. It also collapsed a 19th-century tower in the Nepalese capital Kathmandu.

The great number of deaths were in Nepal, the death toll is expected to rise,”said the Nepalese officials,”however more deaths were also reported in Tibet, northern India, and Bangladesh. AP reported, “Some two Chinese citizens where killed near the Nepalese border and many others where reported missing on the world’s highest mountain ( Mt Everest ).”

This earthquake was more disastrous because of its depth, collapsing buildings, making cracks in the roads and making people to quickly run from their damaged homes. Thousands are getting prepared to sleep outside and others setting up tents to spend the night in.
This has been Nepal’s worst quake in 81 years. Nepalese government declares state of emergency, the first priority is the rescue operations. The Nepalese government requested for foreign support, however, India responded first by sending military aircraft including relief team and medical equipments.

Oxfam International released a statement saying “Thousands are gathered in open spaces and very scared.” A team of Oxfam in Nepal are evaluating humanitarian need following the disastrous earthquake. The UK technical experts are also getting ready to fly to Nepal with Emmergency food supplies, to provide clean water and sanitation .
Well-wishers can donate to Oxfam’s response online at help oxfam to save lives.

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