Tuesday, 16 June 2015



Ghetto has no simpler definition but as the routine goes around of days and nights hustling of thriving and surviving deep down in ghetto battling is on but the difference is that the most fight to become survivors than thrivers which makes people there to drown in the waters of fear to prosper and successes and yet people do not drown in those waters by falling in but by staying in waters of cecity!

Indiscipline and drug abuse are among the major factors that makes natives of pearl of Africa fearful of the ghetto living thus making it hell on earth than a joy garden of the ghetto rising youths. Many up strokes have been put against the ghetto society as seen above and others like theft, pandemic diseases, illness in sanitation as the end less list goes.

But as Henry David Thoreau quoted that “Things do not change we change “Ghetto society has not changed but the up rosen people have tried to change it where by the most percentage of the population in Uganda who have become mentors of the most young generations now days are ghetto risen for example I DRIS Musuuza aka eddy kenzo ,Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi wine .

Therefore people should not be timorous about the ghetto living but should make it a joy land because it risen successful people too which makes it mores precious than the older days where it was diminished and seen totally down.Pearl of africa has ripen so much from the low timorous Ghetto in form of talents like footballer,   so many others.Hope the Ghetto is given an instiling emancipation by the gov’t of Uganda because every disadvantage has an advantage in the cycling society may God continue blessing the fearful Ghetto in Uganda and continue have an inspiring society with in the country

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